Final Sums

Below are some of the sums that we found after measuring the consumption of electricity at RCN over a period of 24 hours.

Sum of electricity used: 25 919.438 kW.
Sum of electricity cost: 129 59.719 NOK.


Mission Possible

At first, the Group 4 project seemed like a Mission Impossible but through teamwork and perseverance, it became Mission Possible.




Time vs. Electrical Consumption Graph

Below is a time vs. Electrical Consumption graph that we plotted after our measurements of how much electricity is consumed within RCN over a period of 24 hours. The graph shows the total energy used every one hour in the whole school by all the buildings. One of the buildings that we found to consume more energy than any other building on campus is the Kantine.

Pictures of The Buildings That We Monitored

Below are the pictures of the buildings that we were monitoring and the name of the person who was responsible for that building.

SALSA's Members Roles and Time Allocation

As mentioned, the SALSA team is made up of Amin, Asmund, Lucky and Sid. Every member of the team has a duty that they must perform in order to help the team measure the usage of electricity in RCN. Below are the roles and time allocations that everyone was given individually.

The monitoring of a certain building is not done by a single person only, other members of the group contributed, the person mentioned is the one who was supposed to check on that building mostly. The time allocated is the time when that certain person is supposed to monitor all the buildings. The allocation of time was done because from 2100-0600 we cannot have everyone in the team awake, thus we made shifts so that everyone gets an opportunity to rest. From 1200-2100 and 0600-1200, everyone monitored their assigned building.

 - group leader
 - monitoring E-building and K-building
 - allocated time: 0300-0600

Roles  - group's main photographer  - monitoring student village, admin and UTC  - allocated …

Team Photo!!!!

The SALSA Team. Asmund on the far left with Lucky next to him, and Amin on the far right with Sid next to him. Very soon you will be notified about their roles in the mission.